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A warm welcome to you on this portal called as stationcodewa.com. Stationcodewa, as name suggest, is an online portal that will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the codes of the Railway stations that are sprawling all across the nation, whether that it is in Assam or Gujarat, or from Jammu to Tamil Nadu. There are many occasions, when we find ourselves helpless like special trains during famous pilgrimages and to know about special trains during these times, and that time a humble and details suggestion from someone is quit helpful.

But, just providing station code to the user is not the only task that we have tried to accomplish here. Going beyond from the conventional information of station code, we have also inculcated stuff like enquiry, suggestion from fellow passengers etc….and still it is counting.

Why this portal! Well Railway is an integral part of Indian society from the very beginning when this established. Although the Railway setup by the Britishers in India, but its legacy is carried till date and it is moving forward with more expanding network and modernization too. So, there was a need to have a portal that is dedicated towards this mode of transportation. This type of information is crucial during reservation of tickets and other matter related to it.

We believe that two way interactions are crucial while sharing information and henceforth a forum type section called as enquiry has been added. The main motive behind this site is not only to give the information that is just related to the station code, but also to share passengers experience in various trains and places.

In the last the main part is that, sharing of information regarding travelling through a network which is main mode of transportation in India will quite useful to all of us…isn’t. So get information state wise, district wise, station wise and help other by answering to the queries asked by various fellow travelers here!.